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The solicitors at Macrossan & Amiet are experienced in all areas of Property Law.

Our Property Lawyers have vast experiencein Leases, Subdivisions, Body Corporates, Farm Restructures, Easements, Covenants and all areas of property law practice. Our solicitors understand the nature and needs of all properties located in the Mackay region and give practical advise on all legal issues.

Leases form an integral part of our property law practice. Our solicitors advise both lessees and lessors in many industries on the rights under a lease. We handle such leasing matters as:

  • preparing leases and agreements;
  • finalising the leasing processes by overseeing the signing, stamping and registration fo all documents;
  • advising on related issues such as GST, stamp duty and the rights under lease agreements; and
  • advising on leasehold land inclusing mining leases, perpetual leases, and sub-leases.

Land development is another property law area our solicitors practice in. Developing land often means having to subdivide large properties, to create subdivided lots, body corporate structres and easements across the land. Our solicitors can assit you in developing your land effectively.

Easements are rights to use another person’s land for a stated purpose. This may or may not involve a right-of-way over the land. The solicitors at Macrossan & Amiet have the experience to deal with your easement efficiently and cost-effectively.

At Macrossan & Amiet we pride ourselves on having local knowledge, benefiting you and all of your property law matters.

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Preparing Leases And Agreements

If you are entering into a leasing arrangement, it’s essential that both parties are clear on the terms of the lease. We can advise clients who are taking on a lease, as well as those who are preparing to lease out a property or asset.

As experienced property solicitors, we can draw up customised leasing agreements that are specifically worded to provide legally binding provisions.

If you’re preparing to accept a lease, we can check that the proposed leasing agreement is fair and that you are aware of your obligations under its terms.

Finalising The Leasing Processes By Overseeing The Signing, And Registration For All Documents

In many cases, there is a requirement that a lease is witnessed by an independent individual. As solicitors, we are suitably qualified to fulfil this role. We can also complete the paperwork attendant on a lease agreement, ensuring that any notifications, filing or other obligations relating to the lease have been correctly completed.

Particularly if you are contemplating a long-term leasing arrangement that involves a substantial asset, it’s important to protect yourself and your asset from any legal challenges by ensuring the correct procedures are adhered to.

Advising On Related Issues Such As GST, And Rights Under Lease Agreement

There may be GST implications – for example, GST can be claimed on the purchase of an asset, even if it is subsequently leased. Depreciation may also need to be considered.

There are few hard and fast rules when it comes to commercial leases. However, leases of retail shops are governed by legislation.

We can advise on a case by case basis, ensuring you receive high-calibre legal counsel that is relevant to your lease agreement.

Advising On Leasehold Land Including Mining Leases, Perpetual Leases, And Sub-leases

This is a complex, specialist area of law that requires careful interpretation. The wrong wording in a lease agreement can have major implications for both parties, which is why legal assistance is recommended. As a Queensland law firm, we have experience in mining leases, as well as drafting suitable sub-leases and perpetual leases.

Our seasoned team of legal professionals have the skills to assist with every aspect of your property leasing arrangements. We can work on leases of any value and type, ensuring that you end up with a lease that’s fit for purpose and that covers all relevant aspects of the law.

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